Welcome to Red Ribbon Club , College Of Engineering Chengannur.

This is the one,the first of it's kind for any Red Ribbon Club in Kerala,a website to facililate the faster and more efficient availability of voluntary donors from our Red Ribbon Club.



Why we took this path?

To make a difference. To help the needy as fast as possible without incurring any time delay in searching for donors.


How to use it?
The public can search for the availability of a particular blood group and they shall be provided with the number of voluntary donors available at our Red Ribbon Club at the particular time and the contact info .


News & Events

1st October 2010
Red Ribbon Club website of College Of Engineering,Chengannur was launched.


Where we stand


Our institution has always been a pioneer in the field of voluntary blood donation seizing many merits to it's credit. Thanks to the unmatched spirit of our volunteers.


Word for the day

“Each red drop counts.”

Our contacts

Feel free to contact us :

Address: Red Ribbon Cell, College Of Engineering, Chengannur. 689623
Telephone: +91-94-4778-6283

E-mail: cecredribbon@gmail.com