" I could have made money this way, and perhaps amused myself writing code. But I knew that at the end of my career, I would look back on years of building walls to divide people, and feel I had spent my life making the world a worse place"


Free and open source software, also F/OSS, FOSS, or FLOSS (for Free/Libre/Open Source Software) is software which is liberally licensed to grant the right of users to study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code. This approach has gained both momentum and acceptance as the potential benefits have been increasingly recognized by both individuals and corporate players.

CEC FLOSS cell aims at spreading the use of Free Software at our institution both on the workstations and on the servers. Inspire students to do projects in FLOSS. Helping other institutions start a Free Software Cell. Helping schools in and around Chengannur to install and use Free Software. We also conduct workshops and deliver talks.

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