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Lab Work

General Lab Work

  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Electronics Circuits La
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Computer Applications Lab
  • Familiarization of DOS, UNIX, LINUX, Windows, C and use of Databases

Computer Science Engineering Lab Work

Microprocessor and System Lab - Programming practice with 8085/86 ,Interfacing 8085 with high-power devices, relay, stepper motor, ADC and DAC 8086 with multifunctional I/O cards, thermocouple input cards and up to I/O cards. Programming Practice with IBM PC Macro Assembler and 1-bit trainer kit with IBM PC and using MASM.

Data Structures Lab- Sorting and Searching, Implementation of Linked List, Arrays, Stacks , Queues , Trees ,Graphs in a suitable programming languages.

Language Processor Lab - Creation Of Single Pass - Two pass Assembler - Generation of Lexical analyzer using tools such as Lex - Generation of Parser using tools such as YACC - Generation of LL(1) Parser - Generation of intermediate code - Creation of type checker - Developing a compiler for a subset of a programming language.

System Programming and Hardware Lab - Identification of Components/Cards & PC Assembling from components - Implementation of a File Manager using DOS / BIOS interrupts - TSR (Terminate & Stay Resident) Programming - ADC Interface - Stepper motor Interface Using DAC - Parallel Interface: Printer & HEX Keyboard - Serial Interface: PC to PC Serial Interface using Null Modem.

Network and Operating Systems Lab - Study of System Level calls of a multitasking OS, Interprocess Communication, Shared Memory, Messages, Semaphores, Monitors, Study of Communication Protocols, Client Server Programming, Distributed Algorithms.

Computer Graphics Lab - Implementing Line, Circle, Ellipse drawing algorithms, Polygon Filling and Seed Filling algorithm, Line clipping and Polygon clipping methods, 2D Transformation, Generating Bezier and B-Spline curves, Hidden Surface Elimination, Shading methods, Animation Methods, Open GL Programming.



newCollege of Engineering Chengannur in association with DVPTL and IEDC is organizing a hackathon and a live session for our students.
 M Tech 1st Year, 2nd Year :: Notice::Feepayment Link :: Registration
 BTech 1st Year, 2nd Year,3rd year and 4th year :: Notice::Feepayment Link :: Registration
newDocuments to be submitted at the time of M.Tech Admission
newOption Registration - B.Tech. VIII Semester Non-Departmental Electives
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Computer Science and Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Merit-cum-Means, PMS Scholarship:: Rules & Regulations
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