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Network Theory - Signals representation in time and frequency domain, Laplace transform transfer functions, Network transmission, Filters, Transmission lines.

Digital Electronics - Number system and codes, Combinational circuits, Sequential circuits, Programmable Logic Devices, Memories, Logic families, Interfacing between logic families.

Solid State Electronics and Circuits - Band theory of solids, PN junctions, Zener and Avalanche diodes, Photodiodes, LDR, Tunnel diode, PIN diode, Varactor diode, BJT, JFET, UJT, MOSFET, CMOS, Power supplies.

Electronic Circuits - Microelectronics, Operational Amplifiers, Introduction to Tuned & Wideband Amplifiers, Voltage Regulators, Gyrators, ADCs, DACs, small-signal and large-signal Amplifiers, Multi-vibrators.

Microprocessors - Computer architecture and organization, Intel 8085, Assembly Language Programming, Timing and Interrupts, Interfacing with Intel 8255, Intel 8253, Intel 8279, Intel 8251.

Digital System Design - Combinational modules and modular networks, Synchronous and asynchronous digital systems, Analysis and synthesis of networks in the canonical implementation, Standard sequential modules, Multimodule implementation of sequential systems.

Communication Engineering - Communication process, Digital and Analog communication, Noise, Modulation Schemes, Modulators, Spectral analysis of different modulators, Receivers, Telephony, Telegraphy.

Electromagnetic Theory - Vector Analysis, Stokes theorem, Static Electric Field, Time varying Electric and Magnetic Fields, Poynting theorem, Maxwell's equations, Transmission lines.

Signals and Systems - Continuous Time signals and systems, Discrete Time signals and systems Frequency analysis, Convolution, Time-Bandwidth product, Fourier Transforms, Discrete Transforms, Filters, Sampling Theorem, Random Processes, Variance, Auto correlation and spectral densities, Noise.

Advanced Microprocessors and Design - Intel 8086, Programming, Intel 80386, Pentium and Pentium pro architectures, Microcontrollers, Interfacing of LCD, ADC, sensors, stepper motor, keyboard and DAC, Communication standards.

Linear Integrated Circuits - Operational Amplifiers, Filters, Specialized ICs, DAC and ADC.

Industrial and Power Electronics - Power Transistors, SCR, Commutation schemes, Choppers, static switches, induction and dielectric heating - application of power electronics.

Advanced Digital Signal Processing - Discrete-time signals and systems, Discrete Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform, FFT algorithms, 2-D signal processing, IIR and FIR digital filter realizations, Finite word length effects, DSP Processors.

Microwave Techniques - Important microwave properties, applications, microwave measurement, microwave tubes, Reflex Klystron, Magnetron, Semiconductor microwave devices, IMPATT and TRAPATT diodes, Microwave Integrated Circuit.

Digital Communication - Digital modulation schemes, Information Theory, PCM-DPCM, Codes for error detection and correction, Digital transmission and reception, digital Switching, ISDN, Design of Communication systems, Estimation Theory.

Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation - General measurement systems, Transducers and sensors, Signal generators, DSO, Recodring instruments, Temperature and flow measurements, Analytical instruments.

Control System Engineering - Model of physical system, Time domain analysis, Frequency domain analysis, Root locus method, State variable method, Control system components, Adaptive control systems.

Computer Networks - OSI reference model, TCP/IP reference model, X.25 Networks, Frame relay, Broad band ISDN and ATM, Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer, Network Security, Principles of Cryptography, Authentication protocols, Firewalls, SSL ­ IP security.

Radio Communication - Electromagnetic Radiation, Antenna parameters, Antenna arrays, Antenna Measurements, Sky wave, Space wave and Ground wave propogation, RADAR, Pulse compression, RADAR displays, transmitters and receivers, MTI and pulse Doppler RADAR, Sequential lobing and conical scanning, SAR, ECM and ECCM.

VLSI Design - Fabrication Techniques, MOS, Basic Inverters, VLSI process integration, Stick diagrams, Layout design of static MOS circuits and networks, Scaling down, Subsystem design, Timing Issues.

Electronic Product Design - Various dimensions of EPD, Thermal design of electronic equipment, EMI, EMC regulations, EDA tools.

Modern Communication Systems - Optical, Microwave, Satellite, Remote Sensing, Spread Spectrum Communication.

Audio and Video Engineering - Sound Recording, Television, Color Television, Video Recording, TV Test Techniques.


    Seventh Semester

  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Opto Electronics and Communication
  • Embedded System Design

  • Eighth Semester

  • Bio-medical Instrumentation
  • Mechatronics
  • ASIC Design
  • Fundamentals of RF Design
Laboratories and Centers - Department of Electronics Engineering

Lab Work

General Lab Work

  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • Programming Lab

Electronics and Communication Engineering Lab Work

Circuits Lab - RC and RLC circuits - Frequency responses, pulse response, Filter characteristics, Biasing of BJT, JFET,  Amplifiers, Feedback amplifier circuits, Oscillators, Multivibrators, Sweep circuits  Series Voltage Regulators, OP- Amps, Instrumentation Amplifier, Precision rectifiers, Waveform Generation, Multivibrators, Oscillators, Second order Active RC filters. Voltage regulators, Characteristics of SCR, TRIAC, MOSFET, Motor speed control, Study of UPS and SMPS.

Digitial Electronics Lab - TTL and MOS gates, Combinational and Sequential circuit design, Design and realisation of sequence generators, Johnson and Ring counter, Study of counter ICs 7490, 7492, 7493 and 74192, Timing circuit using 555, ROM & RAM Chips.

Microprocessor Lab
- 8085 Programming, Interfacing and programming of Intel 8255, 8253/8254, 8279, A/D and D/A converter interface, Stepper motor interface. Display interface.

Communication Lab -  Active Filters, AM, FM, AGC, TDM, PAM, PWM, PPM, Digital Modulation and Demodulation Schemes, Optical fiber Communication, Microwave Communication, Digital Signal Processing using DSP trainer kit.

Advanced Mircroprocessor Lab - DEBUG program, Assembly language program development using IBM /PC Macro assembler, Interfacing Experiments with microcontrollers, Add on cards for IBM PC and their applications, Logic Analyzer.

Electronics and Communication Project Lab

Major Equipments - Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Yokogawa Digital Oscilloscope,  Rohde and Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer, Tektronix Logic Analyzer, Universal Programmer, Programmable Logic Controller, Pentium IV Workstations.

Software Packages - MatLab, Xilinx, MathCAD, OrCAD.

Circuits Lab I / Basic Electronics Lab

Major Equipments - CROs, Function Generators, Power Supplies.

Circuits Lab II

Major Equipments - Digital Storage Oscilloscope, LCR Meter, Digital millimeters, PLC, CROs, function generators, Electronic component testers.

Communication Lab / Digital Electronics Lab

Major Equipments - Microwave Test Bench, Optical Fiber Trainer Kit, Antenna Trainer System, CROs, Digital IC Tester, Function Generators and Video lessons of various topics, Satellite trainer system, Mobile trainer system.

CAD Lab and IEEE Center of Excellence

Major Equipments - AMD Athlon XP 2000+ workstations, 5 KVA UPS, EDA Software Package (EDWin XP - Campus License), NI Lab view and its related hardware, PCB Prototyping Machine with PTH unit, Multi axis Robots, Universal programmer, Bench power supply, Drilling machines and various tools for electronic product development.

Mircoprocessor Lab

Major Equipments - Microprocessor Trainer Kit (8086/8085) Digital Storage Oscilloscope and various interfacing cards, Microcontroller kits.

Advanced Microprocessor Lab

Major Equipments - Pentium based workstations, Z80 based Trainer Kits.



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