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Laboratories and Centers - Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Project Lab

Major Equipments - Tektronix Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Yokogawa Digital Oscilloscope,  Rohde and Schwarz Spectrum Analyzer, Tektronix Logic Analyzer, Universal Programmer, Programmable Logic Controller, Pentium IV Workstations.

Software Packages - MatLab, Xilinx, MathCAD, OrCAD.

Circuits Lab I / Basic Electronics Lab

Major Equipments - CROs, Function Generators, Power Supplies.

Circuits Lab II

Major Equipments - Digital Storage Oscilloscope, LCR Meter, Digital millimeters, PLC, CROs, function generators, Electronic component testers.

Communication Lab / Digital Electronics Lab

Major Equipments - Microwave Test Bench, Optical Fiber Trainer Kit, Antenna Trainer System, CROs, Digital IC Tester, Function Generators and Video lessons of various topics, Satellite trainer system, Mobile trainer system.

CAD Lab and IEEE Center of Excellence

Major Equipments - AMD Athlon XP 2000+ workstations, 5 KVA UPS, EDA Software Package (EDWin XP - Campus License), NI Lab view and its related hardware, PCB Prototyping Machine with PTH unit, Multi axis Robots, Universal programmer, Bench power supply, Drilling machines and various tools for electronic product development.

Mircoprocessor Lab

Major Equipments - Microprocessor Trainer Kit (8086/8085) Digital Storage Oscilloscope and various interfacing cards, Microcontroller kits.

Advanced Microprocessor Lab

Major Equipments - Pentium based workstations, Z80 based Trainer Kits.



newCollege of Engineering Chengannur in association with DVPTL and IEDC is organizing a hackathon and a live session for our students.
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