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National Cadet Corps



 NCC is a voluntary organization which is administered through the Ministry of Defence. The aims of NCC are mainly three fold:

  • To develop the following qualities in cadets:-
    1. Development of character.
    2. Comradeship.
    3. Discipline.
    4. Secular outlook.
    5. Spirit of adventure.
    6. Sportsmanship.
    7. Ideals of selfless service among the youth of the country.
  • To create a human resource of Organized, Trained, and Motivated youth to provide leadership in all walks of life and always be available for the service of the nation.
  • To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed  forces.

The NCC has come a long way and as an organization it plays a very important role for the country in grooming the youths to be a leader of tomorrow. Living upto its motto, “UNITY and DISCIPLINE”, it strives in its endeavour to meet all its objectives by bringing together the vibrant youths of the entire country.


College of Engineering Chengannur has initiated its NCC unit under NAVAL wing of the Armed Forces. The unit is commissioned on 16th October 2014 with a total strength of 50 cadets. There will be 33% seats reserved for lady cadets. Our NAVY NCC unit functions under 3(K) Navy Unit Kollam, of the Kollam group NCC head quarters. The students are actively participating in all the regular activities of NCC and also got opportunities for attending national level camps all over the country. The total tenure of a cadet is 3 years. During this period he/she has to attend two Annual Training Camps for being eligible to appear for the NCC-  B & C Certificate examinations.

Apart from the regular training activities, interested cadets will get opportunities to attend Ship attachment camps, trekking camps, Sea-sortie programs, Mountaineering camps, Paragliding&Scuba Diving events, Advance Leadership Camps (ALC) etc. Selected cadets, if interested, may get chance to attend Republic Day Camp(RDC) and even attend Youth Exchange Program(YEP) with friendly countries of our nation.

We are extremely proud in announcing that 2 of our cadets got Gold medals and 2 other cadets got silver medals in the Nau-Sainik-Camp-2016(NSC-2016) held at Karwar, Karnataka, and our team has got overall second position in the national level.



Major activities.. 

1. Ship Attachment Programme at Vishakhapattanam
2. 10 day Annual training camp at Kollam.
3. Nau Sainik Camp(NSC-2016).
4. Republic day Celebration-2016
5. Independence day Celebration-2016
6. One day Sea Sortie at INS-Sunayana, at Kochi.
7. 10-day Advanced Leadership camp at Ahmedabad.
8. 10 day Yatching camp at Chilka,Odisha
9. 10 day All India SWATC at Kozhikkode.
10. Completion of B & C Certificate examinations  




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