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ARANYAM-The Nature Club

“The mission of many people accomplished,
For we heard the call of nature.
And our aim-to spread this message
Heart is where nature is” - J.J.

The Aranyam forestry club began in our college in December 2001. This club was organized to impart environmental understanding to the students and the community. The mission of this club is to organize students for environmental work. So the forestry club was started in partnership with the Forestry Department of the Government of Kerala .The club has over 450 members. It is the first club of its kind, to operate in an engineering college.

Programmes Organized:-

The forestry club has steadily organized a number of joint programmes with the Forestry Department.

The club organized a program to clean the Chengannur Railway Station which is the nearest station to Sabarimala. a pilgrimage centre.
Pamphlets, dealing with environmentally safe practices to be followed in forests and elsewhere, were distributed to the devotees during the crucial pilgrimage season.
Several programs were conducted to increase environmental awareness among citizens.
The club has distributed saplings to the students to plant and a part of the college is chosen to be fashioned as a garden.


Two study tours, to Silent Valley and Thekkady were organized under the guidance of the Forest Department of Kerala. This is part of a larger scheme to bring the students closer to nature and introduce to them the wonders of the forests.



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