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Product Design and Development Center (PRODDEC)

“We dare to question…
…and yes, we find the answers”
Its is all about attitude.

PRODDEC is a common platform for the Electronics and Computer students. It was formed in 1995 with the vision of integrating technical ideas from both the fields and to develop products of an engineering outlook. Understanding the industry needs, PRODDEC has contributed greatly to the overall development of the students as competent engineers.

The main objectives of PRODDEC, have remained the same as those outlined by its founders - the all round development of the students as engineers. The executive council of PRODDEC is always in search of new avenues to help and encourage the students, to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use. In its endeavour the organization is always open to suggestions, constructive criticism and moral support.

PRODDEC – Professional Ethics:

PRODDEC, as an organisation which supports aspirants of the highest standards in technical activity, is committed to fulfilling it’s obligation to the student community.It has therefore framed a set of ethics which are as follows:

·    To recognize and develop the technical talent available in the college so as to make them better engineers.

·    To encourage the members to develop original ideas and to provide them the required guidance to transform those ideas into real applications.

·    To provide all possible facilities for the members to develop their skills and gain experience.

·   When encountering problems, to look for the root cause and eliminating it using practical thinking, combined with a scientific approach.

·    To assist anyone who needs the organization’s or the members’ help in anyway related to technical or procedural problems.

·   To ensure that the name of the organization and the college of which it is a part is always held in highest esteem possible in the eyes of the outside world, by allowing the maximum diffusion of creative and practical ideas which are developed at the organisation for the well being of the outside world



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