CUSAT --- CECians Bags Top Ranks..BTech Examination April 2017... || CECians make us proud again with the ever highest record of 226 job offers and 220 placements

  Congratulations!!!!!! Dr.Ajith Sen C R - State award --Best coordinator NSS Kerala


Department of Computer Engineering

The core courses offered by the Department of Computer Engineering are B.Tech Degree in Computer Science and Engineering and Masters Degree Programme with specialization in Image Processing from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala. These courses are aimed at providing theoretical and practical knowledge of Computer Science.

The subjects in Bachelor's level programme include Computer Architecture and Organisation,Automata Languages and Computation,Data Stuctures and Algorithms, Database Management Systems,Language Processor,Computer Networks,Advanced Architecture and Parallel Processing ,Software Engineering, Digital Signal Processing ,Analysis and Design of Algorithms etc. The curriculum also includes management papers like Industrial Organization and Management.

In order to bridge the gap between knowledge and its true application, students are required to undertake seminars, mini-project and main project that put them through an industry-like situation. The course produces an ideal computer engineer, well-equipped to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing IT industry.




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